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This hands on workshop series, held in partnership with Shaking the tree Theater, will explore the power of telling and experiencing stories. We will examine how the act of storytelling can create opportunity for political and social change. Our time together will be spent creating new works, developing a toolbox of skills that strengthen and deepen our ability to craft a story for the stage and examining how engaging in our stories and the stories of others shapes our world and beliefs. Together we will identify the ways that we as artists can utilize this powerful tool to effect positive change on a local and national level. This series will culminate in a public showcase of our work, an opportunity to share of efforts over the nine weeks and engage in a larger community dialog about the effects and importance of storytelling. This is a great class for both students and educators, directors and actors, writers and creators, all will leave with a deeper understanding of the innate power that lives in hearing and telling stories. 

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Spring residency: 

h.B. Lee Middle school


This spring the From the Ground UP team will be in residence at H.B. Lee Middle school. This program will utilize the works of Dr. Seuss, particularly 'The Star Bellied Sneeches', to take a deeper look at the bullying that happens both in and out of our schools. Participating students explore the world of the performing arts as we looks the causes, effects and possible solutions of bullying. Students will devise a new work based on this exploration that will be shared in public performance in the spring. This program will give participants the chance to share and hear their stories surrounding bullying, build new skill sets and develop a deeper sense of connection, belonging and empathy within their school and community. The culminations public performance will give students a chance to bring their authentic voices to the stage in hopes of creating a lasting community dialogue that will serve to empower and educate their parents, teachers, peers and the greater community on the importance of inclusivity, kindness and empathy.


Tonight Nothing 

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This year From the Ground UP's Executive Director, Katherine Murphy Lewis will be collaborating with nationally and locally renowned musician and performer Merideth Kaye Clark in devising a new work for the stage. This piece aims to look deeply at the life and work of women both currently and historically. In a time where being a women is as equally gratifying as it is painful Merideth and Katherine will dive deep into their own stories, their legacies and histories, pull from their lived experiences in hopes of revealing something true about right here and now that must be said. This new piece, with the working title, Tonight: Nothing will endeavor to explore the many things that come with walking, talking and being a woman, a human, a somebody, somewhere that has something to say.