Residencies & Workshops:

Throughout the year From the Ground UP offers residencies and workshops to schools, colleges and other non-profits as well as to our community at large. These programs take many shapes and forms. Ranging from 8 hours to 8 months. Programing is created to be in service of the particular population that we are working with, each program is developed by combining our curriculum with the particular needs of the students and organization. 

To get a sense of the kind of workshops we offer here are a few sample workshop descriptions that we have offered in the past:

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Storytelling as a Political Act

This hands on workshop series will explore the power of telling and experincing stories. We will examine how the act of storytelling can create opportunity for political and social change, by moving through a series of activities that examine and reveal how engaging in stories shapes our world and beliefs. Together we will identify the ways that we as artists can utilize this powerful tool to effect positive change on a local and national level. This is a great class for both students and educators to develop a deeper understanding of the innate power that lives in hearing and telling stories.


Behind the Mask

Perception and projection. This workshop series looks that the layered process of performing in mask. Exploring the body of the actor and how to express character with only your physical life this workshop gives students a chance to create from the inside out.  As we move into the body of the mask we will also examine how our perception and what we unknowingly project shapes our experience's, relationships, work and world view. This workshop is great for all levels and will benefit any performer by broadening their physical language and reveling the power of performance when the body is fully engaged. 


Built to Last

Community is a key component to producing a powerful performance and realizing successful outcomes is creating a cohesive and high functioning company of people. This workshop looks deeply into the how to develop a space and process that builds trust, connection and a safety from which dynamic work, creative goals and positive outcomes are realized. Be it a classroom, rehearsal hall, or company board room this workshop series will give participants the ability to create a space the inspires creativity, healthy risk taking, teamwork, and the ability to realize a common goal collectively and have fun while doing it. This is a great workshop for directors, teachers, designers and anyone in a leadership position. Each student will leave this series with a wealth of exercises and techniques that give them the tool box to lead successfully.  


bodies at Work

Within every body lives a multitude of stories. How can we unearth these stories that live in our bodies and share them in new and surprising ways? This workshop invites the performer to fully inhabit in their body. Working from the perspective of the body we will explore, breath, tension, and the movement of the actor. Through this lens we will look deeply into the stories that live in us, and explore physical presence, play, and the responsive body. This workshop is great for both advanced and beginning performers, giving all participants the ability to develop story and character from the perspective of movement and the body.