Taking Space and Telling Your Story

We at From the Ground UP are thrilled to be offering more workshops to our community! We don’t have any more workshops being offering 2019 but check back here in December to see the exciting new workshops (and RETREATS!!) that we will be offering in 2020.

And just to get a taste of the kind of workshops we have offered, below are the workshop descriptions of that were offered earlier in the year!!


Shakespeare for shrews Led BY LAUREN BLOOM HANOVER

Until recently, the classical canon has offered limited opportunities for female performers.  However, with conversations about gender equity gathering strength, exciting characters and storylines are starting to become available for artists prepared to step in and inhabit them. Join instructor Lauren Bloom Hanover for the latest session of this popular workshop, and explore the fundamentals of analyzing and embodying Shakespeare’s texts. From discussing iambic pentameter to considering the gender archetypes in Shakespeare’s plays, this workshop intensive is ideal for theatre makers who are interested in not only learning (or returning to) the primary tools needed to succeed at engaging with Shakespeare’s texts, but also in exploring the expression and performance of gender in his work.

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The make and matter of Creation


An important step in our pursuit for a more equitable artistic landscape, both here in Portland and beyond, is the full realization of stories that are created and told by underrepresented communities. Katherine Murphy Lewis, founding Artistic Director of From the Ground UP has created a weekend intensive that takes participants through the early stages of creative development, the process of gathering community, and cultivating financial support. From working on your feet through a series of movement based devising exercises; to the writing, construction and editing of new work; to finding and applying for grants and community backing; all participants will leave this workshop with a solid tool box that will support the creation and production of their visions. This workshop is ideal for womxn theater makers who want to reclaim agency over their creative lives - or anyone who has a story to tell and struggles with the creation and production elements that so often stifle the artistic process.